31 Flavors Sprint – Tomorrow !

stan W9SMR

The Ø7Ø Club 31 Flavors Sprint is Tomorrow -

Saturday, April 3 - 1000 UTC

to Sunday, April 4 – 0359 UTC


This is an 18 hour event

Work any 6 hour block of your choice


This is a chance to try 6 different PSK modes.  Check your software - most will do all PSK Modes.  6 mode variants will be used:

·         BPSK 31 [Narrow bandwidth]

·         QPSK 31 [Narrow bandwidth]

·         BPSK 63 [Wide bandwidth]

·         QPSK 63 [Wide bandwidth]

·         BPSK 125 [Very wide bandwidth]

·         QPSK 125 [Very wide bandwidth]

Sprint Rules – Work a 6 hour block of your choice. For Scoring, your 6 hour block will start with the hour you select on the Upload Link page and continue for the next 6 hours


Work each station once per mode. (Same station, same mode, is a dupe!)


Open to all licensed radio amateurs.

Frequencies: - 20 Meters only
- Normal PSK sub-band for narrow mode variants,
- Sub-band 14072.5 - 14080 kHz suggested for wide bandwidth mode variants.

3 Power Categories (No 100 W category):
Medium < 50 W

Low < 25 W

QRP < 5 W


- Members: State/Province/Country (SPC) + 070 Member Number   eg: “FL  1611”

- Non-Members: State/Province/Country (SPC) + First Name  eg. “FL  Stan”


Call: “CQ PSK 31 FLAVORS”  (Announce Switching to new Mode)

All entry logs
 must be received within 1 week after the event ends. A 31 Flavors Uploader link will be available on the PODXS 070 Home Page.


For Rules and detailsClick Here: 31 Flavors (podxs070.com)


This is one of our most interesting contests. If you have never tried these different PSK modes, don't be shy. 


There has been lots of discussion on the Reflectors concerning how to set up MACROS to change modes efficiently. Check it out.


Last year, we had 45 Logs submitted, which is the highest since 2016. Lee, N5SLY, won Top Dawg honors and First Place in the 50W category with a spectacular 92 QSOs utilizing all 6 modes.


Let’s see if we can give Lee some competition this year ! 

Hope to work you in all 6 modes!



W9SMR - 070  #1611

PODXS 070 - PR Director

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