KC3EF Spring Road Trip

Richard Rohrer

We got our tickets for the NCAA Gymnastics National Championships today, so the spring road trip is on.  We will be covering the following grids:  EM64, EM27, EM26, EM25, EM24, EM23, EM15, EM14, EM13, EM03, EM02, EM01, DL99 and DL98.  These are grids that I have not made a qso from.  This may seem disjointed, but that is why.  From Huntsville, EM64 we will be going thru some of the other EM grids in the 30s, 40s, and 50s.  We will be returning thru the TX, LA coast again so EL59 is still a possibility for anyone that needs it.  We are leaving on April 9th and will be back in FL some time around the 24th.  No Rick we are not going to DL88, hi hi.  If anyone would like the detailed map drop me an e-mail. 
Dick - KC3EF
070 - 747

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