Re: Macro's for 31 Flavors Contest/Operating Event

Rick - N7WE

DM780 (HRD) does not use macros to switch modes.  At the far right on the waterfall tool bar there is a "modes" button (music note icon).  Clicking on it opens a pop up menu of all available DM780 modes.  Selecting a mode from the list adds a button on the waterfall tool bar for that mode.  You can add as many mode buttons as you like.  Simply clicking on the proper button changes the mode for both RX and TX and makes the change in the Add Log Entry box.  It also adjusts the tuning guide width on the waterfall, making it easy to find the right mode for a signal!  There are even separate selections for USB and LSB on the QPSK modes.

Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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