Macro's for 31 Flavors Contest/Operating Event


"All-y'all"... (Plural for y'all)
Through the courtesy of our tireless Executive Director, Jim, K5SP, 070-0483, here's the mode changing macro's for the 31 Flavors event.

BPSK31     -    <MODE:BPSK31>
BPSK63     -    <MODE:BPSK63>
BPSK125   -    <MODE:BPSK125>
QPSK31     -    <MODE:QPSK31>
QPSK63     -    <MODE:QPSK63>
QPSK125   -    <MODE:QPSK125>

All you have to do is to Copy/Paste directly from here to your macro buttons.
That being covered, I'd like to add...
If you're not able, for whatever reason to participate in all the variant modes, please participate in what you can.
Also, experience has shown us that Cq'n is the most productive when done on BPSK31, then move to the other modes. Why? Our award's program is based on BPSK31 contacts.
LONP in particular is BPSK31 only.  
Again, Thanks to Jim, K5SP for sharing his macro information.
If anyone has any questions, please express them.
We have some new members that may possibly need our help.
LONP #76

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