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You are correct about "MixW Buttons". It was written by K1PGV and there's a link to his website from his QRZ page. He's also written a utility for callbook lookup that works great with every version on MixW that I've tried.
I used MixW Buttons extensively on MixW 2.19 to supplement the 12 macro's there.. I've upgraded to 3.2, which gives 48 macro's, so I don't need the outboard macro's any longer.
I've looked at the MixW 4. versions, but shy'd away because it's totally new looking, and I've finally got 3.2 playing nicely.
I'm looking forward to getting the 31 Flavors macro's set up to change operating modes.

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Yes you can create macros fore each mode in MixW.   I haven't used MixW
in a while but I believe that macro was in the drop down list of
available macros, you just have to edit it to the mode you want.  There
used to be an app called Mix Buttons that gave you many more macro
buttons to use.  I guess it's still around but not sure if it works with
the MixW 4 versions.

73 Buddy WB4M

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