Re: Diversity of our Membership

Jerry N9AVY


Hey, I saw that movie and lots of others which bombed at the box office Emoji

Remember the old Bob Newhart show where  he played a psychologist. One day he went back to viit his old college professor, played by Keenan Wynn, and he asked the prof what he learned after all those years in psychology.   The prof's answer was, "It's a crock !".  Emoji

Jerry  n9avy

On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, 05:55:44 PM CDT, Eric KG6MZS <contact@...> wrote:

I had to look that one up Marcus.  ...and they call psychology a "soft"
science.  Psychometrics sounds like it's pretty hard science.

I'm reminded of a movie nobody saw called "Max Dugan Returns"  A
long-lost grandfather (Jason Robards) tells his grandson (Matthew
Broderick) that he is in Philosophy.  The grandson asks if there is any
money in that and the grandfather replies: "There is ff you pick the
right one." ;)


On 3/24/21 2:42 PM, Marcus Lieberman wrote:
> Psychometrician.

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