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Dan our paths sound very similar. 20 years US Army, retired Chief Warrant Officer 3. Was in Air Defense, Nike Hercules Radar Mechanic and then Patriot Missile Technician. I ran the Air Defense School as my retirement job.

Decided to try law enforcement and did 18 years as Police Officer, Patrol, Vice, then retired as Detective Sergeant. Managed to get my Masters in Management before retired as cop. Since then I have done some adjunct teaching.  The xyl says now my profession is curmudgeon.


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US Navy 26 years - Worked in the Navy Security Group as a Communications Technician (copying morse code and HFDF), Also worked as System Administrator, help manage 40 some odd duty stations' electronics equipment. Went up through the ranks from E1-E7 (Chief) and eventually retired as a Chief Warrant Officer (CWO4).

17 years in the Sheriff’s Department (E911/Deputy/Civil Division and also System Administrator for E911 servers and all computer equipment in the department). Associate degree in Business Administration.

Dan Morris  KZ3T  070-1065

I live to live for Him!

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Computer programmer and Systems Administrator - retired

Loren WA3WZR

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