Re: Diversity of our Membership

Chuck M

Retired electrical engineer mostly involved with designing municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities.  And associated work like water booster stations and wastewater pumping stations.  Primarily involved with doing the instrumentation and controls work for the designs.  Started out when the central controls were the big metal boxes with lots of meters, pilot lights, buttons, switches, etc.  Finished when almost all was being done by industrial control computers (PLCs) and office type computers tied together via high speed Ethernet networks.


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One of the nice things about being a member of a group of guys with a common interest, Amateur Radio, and our subculture-niche, is the broad spectrum of careers in residence.
Me?, an engineer of the structural discipline.
Dr's, Lawyers, Engineer's, PhD's at the CDC, and on and on are among the known titles.
Can we all maybe reply with your career?...No details are really necessary. Whatever you're comfortable sharing.
Do we have an "ESQ" in our membership?

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