Re: Special Event the next two days... Buckingham Army Airfield

Don - KM4UDX

I am please to report that (a) I read the email in time to do something about it, (b) my radio was working, (c) I was working, (d) and I found Tom and we had a great QSO. 

What a thrill to talk to Buckingham Airfield. Thank you Tom very much for setting the special event station up. You made my day, and that was before I had my coffee.

Oh, Tom mentioned that I was the second uBITX radio type to contact him, so the Team uBITX is out and about, I'm pleased to report. Go 10 watts go! hahah.

Also, I got some screen gabs of w4lx on the water fall. I have no way to reduce RF gain, beyond turning down the volume (yea, a simple radio!). But this was a hot signal into Northern Virginia. 

Don, km4udx, uBITX

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