Re: KC9UR POTA Activation Today


Hi Bob - Thanks for the contact Saturday!  I'm really glad to hear that you're interested in being an activator - it's lots of fun being the hunted!  You have a good plan in place, with all the equipment you need.  For rigs, I use either an Elecraft KX2 (sometimes with a HardRock50 amp) or an IC-7300.  For power, I use a Bioenno 20aH LiFePO4 battery - so far, I have never discharged it completely.  Your hamsticks should work fine, and will be quick to set up.  I use a variety of antennas, mostly resonant end feds.  My current favorite is a 40/20/10m homebrew resonant end fed mounted vertically on a 12m fiberglass mast, but it takes about 10 minutes or so to set up.  As a hunter, you're aware that it's important for activators to get themselves spotted on the website.  If you will be using CW, you can schedule your activation, and when you call CQ, the reverse beacon system will pick you up and automatically generate a spot for you on the site.   For SSB or PSK it's fine to spot yourself (provided you have cell coverage at the park).  If operating PSK, it's good to be in a shaded spot (inside your van would work great), because it's extremely difficult to read a laptop screen in direct sunlight.  I hope to work you on your first activation!
Bob, KC9UR

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