Re: KC9UR POTA Activation Today

Bob Motyl KK6KMU


I'm thinking  of trying POTA.  I already am a hunter and have about 60 unique parks.  I have read the activator and hunter guide but an interested in any first hand advice you might have.  What kind of setup do you have?
At first I plan to work from my van using my 20 and 40 meter ham sticks.  I have a 30 A/Hr battery and plan to get a 100 watt solar panel.  Rig is a IC-7200 and plan to use my Heil headset.  Thinking of using FLRID and FLDIGI on a small laptop. Also use the FLDIGI for my logging.  I'll deal with any Park to Park contact logging manually.  Most of my local parks are at the beaches.  If anything the view will be great.
Thank for your help.

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