St. Paddy's Day - Deja Vu...All over again


Ahem!...Who says the West Coast can't win a contest?
Back in the day, our very good & active member, and friend, Karen, W4KRN, 070-215, was the "High Sheriff" of the St. Paddy's Day Operating Event/Contest.
Along with her generous donation of time & just being a good natured fellow 070 member, she volunteered to custom make an award for the Top Dawg.
Ha!...The West Coast can't win a contest??
I'm going to give it my best shot again this year.
On this day in 2011, the "Observed SFI" was 101.1.
At the moment it's 75.
E'nuf said about the "big gray cloud" called propagation.
Looking for everybody in the Operating Event/Contest.
N6MG, ex W6QE
LONP #76
Trustee: W6QP,
LONP #207

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