N1ZZZ/MM 20th anniversary PSK event #mm

Jeremy Allen

Hi All,

I know I haven't been too active on PSK31 lately, but the middle of this month marks 20 years since I worked enough stations to earn my 070 number.  I was living in Jacksonville, FL at the time, and as fate has it, I will be sailing from Freeport, Bahamas to my old stomping grounds of Jacksonville on March 16th, arriving on the 17th.

Since the proverbial stars seem to be aligning, I will be operating 20M PSK31 as N1ZZZ/MM while I am underway the afternoon and evening of the 16th as my duties allow.  I expect to have good coverage into the US East Coast, mid-west, and perhaps western EU.  

Hopefully I will be able to get in some 070'ers logs and help some people in their quest to join the LONP.  

Jeremy N1ZZZ/MM

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