Re: CQ"n on 17m


Guess I should have said 18097.100 Khz.   Which brings up a question.  When someone says they are on 18.097, do they mean on the waterfall frequency or the radio frequency?  If the radio is at 18.097, the center of the waterfall is going to be 18.097 Mhz plus 1500 Hz which would be 18.098.5 Mhz on the waterfall.  Might be splitting hairs but if the other station is at 18.097 on the waterfall and you're at 18.097 on the rig, you might not see him.  I notice sometimes someone will say they're on 18.097 plus 1500 which makes it clear that the rig is on 18.097 and they are at the 1500 Hz audio spot on the waterfall.


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