Mostly back in action now

Jerry N9AVY

Spent a bit of time in today's relatively nice weather removing bum remote coax switch from tower and took it inside for repair/testing. Switch is 5 ft. at base of tower because I'm not climging 40 feet up any more.

Troubleshooting revealed that the relay #3 I thought was bad had "moved" to relay #2 - haunted switch ???  Buttoned it all up and installed it on tower again hooked up all but one antenna and it seems to work like it used to. 

Think this summer/fall will have lots of antenna work for me. would like to replace short 28 ft. vertical with the 43 ft. one acquired a couple years ago.  Will need to do some major pipe work for that.  

Will try to be on the air more this next few weeks in prep for St Pat's Day contest....


Jerry  n9avy

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