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A good 17m morning to everybody...
That's as positive as I can get about 17m right now.
Been <AUTOCQ>'ing for about 20 minutes. No traces seen. 
Not even ft-8, RTTY, CW or, or, or.....
2nd mug of CDM coffee was just delivered to my shack...
Looking forward to the St. Paddy's Day operating event.
LONP #76 

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I use PSK Reporter, not only to self-spot, but to watch for other stations operating from grids I need.  Frequently, I see stations supposedly located in grids I'm after, but when I check QRZ or "read the mail," they are not in the grid PSK Reporter is showing.  After doing some digging, I think I have found at least a partial explanation.  PSK Report is not allowed to use location data.  The database Philip uses is HamCall.  If PSK Reporter is mis-reporting your location, you might want to check your location in the HamCall database.  Basic membership is free and you can edit your data including location, and a 6 digit grid square is recommended!
Rick - N7WE
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