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Yep, I did use it with a lightweight bluetooth keyboard sometimes. That's a bit better.  I don't backpack portable.  I'm more of a picnic table operator.  Even work from the campervan a lot when it's not dry or warm outside.  Fair weather ham, that I am.  

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Hi Dave,

Yes, I agree with you on trying to use DroidPsk on a phone.  I have tried it on a tablet which worked fairly well.  I picked up a bluetooth keyboard and mouse for my tablet so it was like using a computer.  A couple of years ago, I change over to an ASUS small laptop with a SSD and that is all I use now for my radio computer.  Works fine in the car and for portable use.  Also started using the IC7100 for portable use, since with the deep cycle battery I can push out full power.  Since my portable efforts don't involve carry thing more than from the car to a picnic table the weight is not a problem, hi hi.  I would not want to backpack the stuff like Eric is doing.  

Hi Barry, I saw that the link has been discontinued after I posted the information.  The link its self it just an audio interface, but I does work well with the 817 or the 7100.   Have not been able to get my laptop to work well with it, but don't really need it, since the 7100 has usb connection for CAT and audio.   I think the more important thing is software that will run on a smart phone. 

Dick - KC3EF

Dave H KB3RAN 1692/381

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