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Jerry N9AVY


Think there's a 121-step program for SOTA addiction .  Emoji

Jerry  N9AVY

On Tuesday, March 2, 2021, 07:45:04 PM CST, Eric KG6MZS <contact@...> wrote:

Hello All,

I haven't been in the PSK waterfall much this last year because I have become gravely addicted to SOTA.  I keep thinking how much fun it would be to operate PSK on a mountain top.  The problem for me is all the extra gear I would probably need to carry to do that.  I know that some people use a smartphone to operate PSK but that's about the extent of my knowledge there.

Does anybody know of an ultra-lightweight way to operate PSK?

My pack currently runs 24-28 pounds on day trips so it would be great not to add to that too much.  ...or diminish the discretionary funds too much either.

You can check out some of my SOTA activations here if you have any interest:




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