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Alan, there's enough of us old timer's, with working antenna's, that would really like to help you along with your 365/6 award pursuits.
Can you fill us in on your best times and freq's?
The 3rd starts about this time tomorrow.
So, Day?, Evening? Night?
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* stan W9SMR <robinstan@...> [2021-03-01 14:36]:
> Be on the lookout for Alan, KA5VZG of Puryear, TN who currently sits at 353 dates needed to complete his 360 Award.
> In the near future, Alan really needs:
> 3/3
> 3/6
> 3/14
> 3/15
> His other need dates are in June, July and August.
> Help a fellow PSK'er along...give him a call!

Thanks for the heads up, Stan. :-)

David, K9DWR
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