Re: Back on the air !

David, K9DWR

* Jerry N9AVY <> [2021-02-25 20:51]:
Made a trip out back to tower just now and it was a bit slippery with melting
snow &  ice. Had to be very careful not to slip & fall because I would need
to get help getting back up.  Took cellphone with me just in case. Good news
is that I took out my color tape chart rather than relying on my memory.
Looks like I had a wrong cable connected at remote switch - rats !!! Back on
20/15/10m  as well as WARC bands.  Looks like my screw up. When things melt
back to grass I'll be better able to solve other antenna problems. 
Those are the best mistakes to have; they don't cost any money. :-)

David, K9DWR
#1604 LONP #255

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