Re: KC3EF Winter Road Trip

Richard Rohrer

Have not been  on psk much during this trip since most do not need any of the grids.  Did work one station from EL39 and then got to the hotel and received an email from Eric, KG6MZS.  Had to tell him he missed the opportunity to get the grid.  Realized the next morning we would be in the grid for most of the morning and sent a quick email to Eric.  We connected and conditions between LA and CA were really good.  Had a nice QSO and then stopped to do some bird watching and spotted over 1000 Greater Scaup out in the gulf and a Wimberl on the shore.  Good radio and bird start to the day.  

The trip was almost derailed when we got to Arkansas, the xyl saw two snow plows which traumatized her.  But she did recover and we are now in Galveston.  Should be going back thru LA on the way home and will hit EL59 for anyone that still needs that grid (N7WE).

Dick - KC3EF 

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