Re: Congrats - PODXS 070 Endorsements – February 2021


Paul, thanks for your patience and I apologize for not replying sooner. 
The date for 070-2786 is 2020-07-08, (WA8UMT).
For a full list please go to:  Member Files ( 
In the case of some kind of a major catastrophe, there are several members that maintain their own list.
Of note, should you care to keep up with these things, be sure you use the "Membership Date" as the date listed on this spreadsheet, NOT the date of the email announcing the new member. 
The info I need to check/validate your >2786 contacts is:

DATE:     TIME:     CALL:     BAND:     MODE:     070 #:

We're really trying to make this as easy as we can. Submit your log to the awards checker. Your earned awards will be picked up by Jerry, including your LONP credits up to 070-2786. 
Then, in the above format, submit to me all of your 070 members worked with a date LATER than 2020-07-08.
Of course, those membership numbers will be 070-2786 and higher.
I hope this answers your question. More questions? Bring 'em!
N6MG, 070-650, LONP #76
n6mg [@]

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David - thanks for the helpful info. So one followup question. I am still not clear about trying to get credit for >2786 qsos. How can I find out when #2786 was issued? That would help in going into the my log and looking for these numbers to submit a text file for possible credit.

73 Paul w2eck

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