Congrats - PODXS 070 Endorsements – February 2021

stan W9SMR

As propagation conditions have improved, we are showing some good gains in member Endorsements. Our regular contests have helped also.

A major achievement was made by Steve, W3HF as he logged 1,708 member QSOs. Both he and Delos, NO8R, have worked more than half our 2,825 members!

The LONP 1,000 Level:

In spite of his arduous focus to wrestle the 070 Endorsement checker back into working order, Jim, K5SP has found time to surpassed the LONP 750 level. Another member recently doing the same was Leslie, WA4EEZ.   

Recently achieving the 500 Level Honor Roll were: Don, KC4OBB; Ray, N0NM and John, KC3FL.

We also have an excited pack of LONP Seekers in hot pursuit of this traditional first rights award. If you see them, give them a call and spot them on PSKReporter and our reflector:


366 – The 366 Award requires a QSO on each of the calendar days of the year, a large
B-I-C commitment. Only 52 members have earned this.

365/366 – Needing only one date are:

#292   M5PLY   (2/29)

#1699   SA7BXU   (10/30)

#1769   R6KEE   (12/15)


360/366 – Needing from 2 to 5 dates:






5/15, 6/2, 7/3, 9/12



8/7, 8/16, 8/19



* 6/3, 6/25, 6/26, 8/23


* Dave, KB3RAN, 070 APE Coordinator, uploaded today logging the 2/15 needed date, Congrats to all who devote the time and effort to accomplish this feat!


With the endorsement software not working properly, a lot of manual intervention has been required. Our Executive Director, Jim, K5SP, with assistance from David, K9DWR, and Milt, N6MG have been manually updating the LONP data.


For you newer members that have a membership number 2787 and up,
o get ANY LONP credits, follow these Instructions!

Congratulations to all for your diligent pursuit of these cherished Awards!!

W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director

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