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Looks like a good day for a contest here.  Forecast for -19 tomorrow morning with 4-6" of snow.  Other than spending some time with my Valentine, should be able to get on for the sprint.  Unless my antenna freezes.

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We're expecting an ice storm here in southern Maryland.  Antenna looks good so far.  Brushed the snow off the solar panel but it has a light coat of ice on it.  Hope I don't have to go to mains power.  And I hope mains power stays on.  Generator in the campervan is working.  Looking forward to the Sprint.


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Same up here Stan.  First one came through here last evening with lightning, thunder, and heavy rain...two more so far this morning.  My antenna is disconnected so no Valentine Sprint for me this year!  Maybe next year.  OT - it is also Daytona 500 weekend.  So that explains T-storms in central Florida!
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