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Were those birds spies ???

Jerry  n9avy

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Maybe not the proper forum for our ornithological discussion....but....
I worked for Marinav Offshore Logistics. We were bought out by Oceaneering International. Global Marine then bought my division from Oceaneering Int'l.
St Paul Island in the Pribillof Is. chain is 4 miles wide, and 14 miles long, again, in the middle of the Bering Sea. I'm pretty mercenary about spending 4 months living on an Aleut Indian owned island, population about 450 folks with their tight knit island society. Believe me, I wasn't there pro bono by any means. Maybe in another 50 years or so I can tell you what I was doing there.
The birds? There are several species of birds that can only be viewed on St. Paul Is. Those species' summer on St Paul Is. and winter on the Kommander Is. of Russia, owned by the Russian military. Nobody goes to the Kommander's for anything, especially seismic boats surveying the ocean floor.
Check out the "Red Faced Cormorant". 
One note, I had my brand new Kenwood TS-430 and a small MFJ wire tuner with me, and could run JA & HL stations on 30m cw, 24/7. It was fun, and on my return home to So. Louisiana, there was a shoebox of bureau cards to answer.
And all this time everybody thought I was just a pretty face :-) .
See you in the Valentine Sprint!
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Thanks for the info Milt.  You are much more hard core than the xyl and I are.  We like to say where its warm, hi hi.

Dick - KC3EF

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