Valentine's Day

Jerry N9AVY

Just made a long trip through deep snow to tower out back to check 40/80m sloper.  Big old U-bolt is blocking access to coax connector on remote coax switch and it's too cold plus walking with cane is tough in deep, crusty snow.  So it would asppear that I'm outta luck for contest unless I give up WARC dipole. 

This started when antennas were iced over and I tried to clean up remote coax switch, but dropped it off bench (ol' butterfingers !), but wrecked at least one relay - drat !  Would have ordered another one, but MFJ/Ameritron is out of parts to buid them and distributors are out of stock as well. If looking at Greedbay, the prices are crazy. Located another switch from a friend who has it sitting on shelf for years and it's mine but it's a long drive to get it; however, since hospital episode last month I'm not driving at present (self-enforced).

If by some miracle I get the dual running this weekend, I might be heard, but it a longshot.  Another trip to backyard with all this crunchy snow may do me in if I donn't freeze first (temp. 25F maybe, but feels much colder ! Was 17F earlier.) Brrrrrrr !!!!

Wished I could have done antenna maintenance in the Fall like I planned, but y'all know how plans work out. Emoji  "The best laid plans of mice & men oft times go astray."

Hope everyone has a good time on the 14th and makes lots of contacts.  Keep feeding the crazy checker because I need more work !

      Jerry  n9avy

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