Re: RTTY, PSK, CW skimmer project (RCK skimmer, Windows)

John Kirby

 Hi Bo,
Couple years back our club decided on 'one' FD logger N1MM+
Some of the ole-timers (I'll be 80 in Mar) found the learning curve steep
FD 2018 logging was a disaster
FD 2019 our 'linked' logger was a delight
Of course FD 2020 was virtual but our 'individual' loggers worked well
FD 2021 yet tbd ... but, a recent series of posts that helped me better understand skimmers

side note... JE3HHT's MMVARI engine works very well running under N1MM+

73 72 QRPPp^max
PODXS 070 #1337
LONP #0349

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