Re: RTTY, PSK, CW skimmer project (RCK skimmer, Windows)

Jerry N9AVY

Oops !  Forgot to add that the W9CA skimmer was on Telenet so that all members could use it if they had password.  The antenna was my  Butternut HF-9V which allowed the skimmer to monitor all bands at once.  It was a neat set up and I really miss it. 

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On Tuesday, February 9, 2021, 01:56:24 PM CST, Jerry N9AVY <n9avy@...> wrote:


The local group I'm a member of used a skimmer for a few years. They were quite sucessful on FD (3A) and won it 2-3 running.  We had a couple of ops who were very good at around 40 wpm and the skimmer at a members QTH fed the FD ops calls as fast as they could copy.

I would use skimmer frequently during the year to chase CW DX.  It was on the air for a ew years until K9WMN, it' creator, passed away. Afterwards it was disassembled and sent to W9CA for storage and reassembly. Unfortunately that never happened as W9CA moved to TN, but the skimmer may be resurrected someday. 

It was a blast while it was working !

Bo, I commend your efforts on assembling another skimmer !!!

73,  Jerry  N9AVY 

On Tuesday, February 9, 2021, 01:18:51 PM CST, Bo W4GHV <bobarr@...> wrote:

Interested in RTTY & PSK non-contest activity I found very few spotters/skimmers for them on PSKreporter.
Wanting to learn a bit, I decided to make one! I'm 80 and still trying to learn something new every day.
I've set up a RTL-SDR, HDSDR, OmniRig, & RCKskimmer and have actually captured one RTTY station!
1. Is there a way to run it using V2.1 of OmniRig that is required for the latest HDSDR? RCK skimmer appears to work OK with the V1. 1 version with the matching HDSDR.
2. Does anyone have a useful frequency chart/setup for RCK skimmer??   And any of the useful settings for the program?
3. Or just a link to the ranges to scan for PSK & RTTY?
    Is this close enough:  1838-1843 kHz, 3580-3600 kHz, 7040-7100 kHz, 10120-10150 kHz, 14080-14099 kHz, 18100-18110 kHz, 21080-21100 kHz, 24910-24930 kHz, 28080-28100 kHz.
4. I'm unable to connect to their cluster dl4rck Anyone know about it?
Again, the main purpose is to find Active RTTY & PSK stations FOR QSOs mostly. And learn a bit. I may add a CW skimmer, mostly to find my needed DXCCs.
I run a local copy of VE7CC on my PC with my desired filters set.  So I wonder if I can only send the CW spots to it for filtering for use.?
Any info, links appreciated. Any groups? 
If enough are interested I can share my collection of info on Google Drive. 
PS. I've temporarily replaced the RTL-SDR with my RSP 2pro. to eliminate some stumbling parts. 
73, Bo W4GHV since '54 

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