RTTY, PSK, CW skimmer project (RCK skimmer, Windows)


Interested in RTTY & PSK non-contest activity I found very few spotters/skimmers for them on PSKreporter.
Wanting to learn a bit, I decided to make one! I'm 80 and still trying to learn something new every day.
I've set up a RTL-SDR, HDSDR, OmniRig, & RCKskimmer and have actually captured one RTTY station!
1. Is there a way to run it using V2.1 of OmniRig that is required for the latest HDSDR? RCK skimmer appears to work OK with the V1. 1 version with the matching HDSDR.
2. Does anyone have a useful frequency chart/setup for RCK skimmer??   And any of the useful settings for the program?
3. Or just a link to the ranges to scan for PSK & RTTY?
    Is this close enough:  1838-1843 kHz, 3580-3600 kHz, 7040-7100 kHz, 10120-10150 kHz, 14080-14099 kHz, 18100-18110 kHz, 21080-21100 kHz, 24910-24930 kHz, 28080-28100 kHz.
4. I'm unable to connect to their cluster dl4rck Anyone know about it?
Again, the main purpose is to find Active RTTY & PSK stations FOR QSOs mostly. And learn a bit. I may add a CW skimmer, mostly to find my needed DXCCs.
I run a local copy of VE7CC on my PC with my desired filters set.  So I wonder if I can only send the CW spots to it for filtering for use.?
Any info, links appreciated. Any groups? 
If enough are interested I can share my collection of info on Google Drive. 
PS. I've temporarily replaced the RTL-SDR with my RSP 2pro. to eliminate some stumbling parts. 
73, Bo W4GHV since '54

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