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The last of the sticker mailing for endorsements earned through the end of 2020 were placed in the mail today.  If you expected to get stickers, and by the end of the week have not received anything, please let me know so I can double check and ensure that no member was left off the mailing.

Well over 200 members received stickers in this mailing, and there were over 1000 stickers mailed.  Enjoy!

I want everyone to know that this is a massive effort, that takes a tremendous amount of volunteer time.  And with the endorsement software not working properly, it has required a lot of manual intervention.

Jerry, N9AVY has been checking the results of the endorsement checker, and any stickers that you earned are being tracked in a spreadsheet, by hand.   Jerry then passes that to me, and I ensure that the endorsement records are updated. Hand salute to Jerry for all the extra effort this requires.

Then when mailing time rolls around, the stickers are printed, cut out, and, placed into mailing boxes with postage, envelopes, address labels, return address labels, the coin envelopes the stickers are placed in, and the boxes are shipped off to the mailing team, who sorts the stickers, places them in the correct envelopes to go to the correct member, applies postage, labels, and does the mailing.   This job is performed by Jeff W3WMU, and Bob KK6KMU to which I thank every opportunity I have for the great job they do.

Great job by the entire team!  Next mailing in the July/August time frame.

73, and thanks to all for being members of the finest PSK31 club in the world!

Jim K5SP

Jim,  K5SP #483
Executive Director/Member Services Director

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