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DAVE KB3RAN 1692/381

I'll look for you on Winter Field Day.  I'll be working from southern Maryland.  Sorry about your antenna woes.

Dave H

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Group, I am sad to say the station did not get on the air...
The cold and wind made functioning outside of a tent difficult.  20's F and 30 MPH gusts was difficult on Saturday.  I "should" have put (tried) to get the long wire up on Friday.  I only made it to camp as the sun was setting...
The problem with the antenna... I was going to toss a line over the pavilion to pull up a longwire.  The pavilion is large and the roof would not allow the line to slide the weighted tennis ball to the other side...  The wind helped but also made the cold bitter.  I thought I could hand toss the ball.  I do use a surf fishing pole with success, no room in 4x4.
In hind sight, my BuddiPole vertical would have worked (if I took it) and pre-tuned.  I "think" staking it down would have worked.  My Spider Beam 12m pole could have been lashed to one of the heavy picnic tables (Sunday "what if" discussion).  I had thought about the Spider Beam mast connected to the building, but attachment points are almost non-existent (vs room in 4x4 to take what I might need). 
I will try Winter FD from Home.  Wilmington, DE...
I will be back at Akridge Scout Camp again.  This was our (Fred and I) last Akridge Campmaster weekend of the year. 
I'll be at Rodney Scout Reservation (MD) in March...  Yes, with radio and a good attachment point to the (heated) building. 
The Cabela's Alaskan Guide 6-man Tent is NOT a Four Season tent...(note below)  I had an older 4-man and it had a small screened vent at the top of the tent.  The 6-man (3-5 years old - the design may have changed) has THREE LARGE screened vents in the upper part of the tent (under the full fly).  WHEN THE WIND WAS BLOWING...  you could feel the COLD air inside.  I suspect the lawyers had something to do with the design... Since the pavilion has electricity, I used an electric space heater.  In the wind, 45F inside.  Sunday morning (no wind) 65F inside...  The Tent IS rock solid in the wind, though.  I would like to be the one to decide how much venting is needed.  Yes, I will write a review.
Yes, Ham Radio is an experiment...  (learn from the failures) 73, Steve WB3LGC

"A time-tested, field-proven classic built to withstand nature's most extreme conditions, Cabela's® Alaskan Guide Model® Geodesic 6-Person Tent offers true 4-season protection. Giving outdoorsmen the benefits of 25 years of Alaskan field testing and improvements, the tent's state-of-the-art geodesic shape, unique 7-pole system, and rugged fabrics handle strong winds that would crush lesser tents. "

On 1/20/21 12:38 PM, stephen shearer via wrote:
This weekend (The evening of Jan 22nd to the Morning of Jan 24th - EST) I will be in Camden, DE.
I will be camping for the weekend at Akridge Scout Camp and operating QRP PSK31 most likely on 80, 40, and 20m.
I will be using the club call NR3I in order to collect 50 QSO's...
I will be uploading to LoTW.  renew required, first.
I may also operate the RTTY contest, some.
73, Steve WB3LGC #2814

Dave H KB3RAN 1692/381

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