Re: 7300

Mike N6STA

OK - Just finished my first QSO with the new 7300 - K0EKA in Denver.  

I just transferred my old headphones/microphone interface from my Jupiter to the 7300.  Simple enough for me.  Spent a couple hours adjusting levels into a dummy load.  I set max power to 95% (I just can't set it to 100) and then I adjust the power out using the Mic Gain control while watching the Po meter.

An interesting thing to me: With the Jupiter I had to adjust the mic drive as I moved up or down in frequency.  The 7300 just maintains the same output from one end of the waterfall to the other.

The audio display is cool too, although so far I've only been watching it during transmit. 

And as Martin said, it's so shiny.  Good fun.

73 - Mike N6STA 1516

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