Re: Spring Road Trip

Richard Rohrer

I thought you were being humorous until I looked it up Milt.  Quite a tail.  I have seen scissors tailed flycatchers in TX, but never one of these. 

I have everyone's wants and will kept the group posted on when we are leaving.  Much depends on the situation with Covid.  The xyl and I have had our first Moderna vax and will get the second shot in mid Feb, so we plan on leaving a week after that.  We do take all necessary precautions to keep safe. 

During the home stay I have purchased two new pieces of test equipment.  One is one of the Nanovna's and the tiny spectrum analyzer.  I have been very impressed with both of the units and what they can do.  The Nanovna makes testing antennas really easy and I found it matches my MFJ analyzer pretty closely.  I have used the spectrum analyze to monitor my signal when transmitting.  When I worked in industry these devices cost in the $10k or above range and now they are under $100.  

Jerry hope you get your antennas fixed.  I have had problems with squirrels eating coaxes a couple of times and also eating the gas line to the generator in the RV.  That was much more expensive to have fixed than replacing the coaxes. 

Dick - KC3EF 

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