Re: 17 and 12 meters

Bill Williams


Sorry, typo.  I was sitting on 18097.    

I saw you and KC3FL on 18098 after I opened my filter.  You are both about 339 here even though there is about 3000 miles difference in the distance to your locations.

Well while writing this I saw your CQ a little better than before so I answered you.  I thought it was better but proved to be short lived, you were gone after our initial contact..  I can still see something there and decode it enough to see you wishing me peace and safety.  Thanks for that.

I already have the Tri award (from the good propagation days) but will try to help others when I can.  My dipole tunes on 17 and 12 but I am  not sure how efficient it is with either.

I now suspect when you said you were on 18097 you meant your radio dial setting.  I was monitoring 18097 with filters on so I probably missed NU4N if he was visible.


On Mon, Jan 11, 2021 at 12:51 PM Scotty W7PSK <w7psk@...> wrote:
Its open some what, I came up on 17 to see If I could help you guys with Tri- award.
KC3FL answered my CQ so Im making florida :). If you see me give me a call
and Ill help you with your tri award.

Scotty W7PSK
Everett, Washington
070 #138

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