Re: Grid El84, Dry Tortugas

Richard Rohrer

Since our primary purpose was bird watching and visiting the fort, I don't think my radio time will be more than a couple hours at the most.  Still looking at alternatives to the 817, but weight is a consideration, since we would be going by the ferry and not staying.  The ferry price is discounted if you are old and we already have our parks pass so that reduces the cost some what. The ferry will provide drinking water and lunch. Trying to decide what kind of antenna would be the best in the limitations of going to a historic site.  I have a 17ft pole that colipases to about 3 1/2 feet.  Not sure if a 20mtr dipole or a vertical would be the best.  With the dipole it would probably end up as a Vee.  I am trying to eliminate the need for an antenna turner.  The vertical would only need the pole and some radials.  Any thoughts on what would work the best.  

Karl, I checked the POTA site and found that Justin had activated previously and sent him and enquiry and what he used.  

Dick - KC3EF

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