Re: Grid El84, Dry Tortugas

Rick - N7WE

Several years ago when I was still /P capable and living in central Florida, I looked hard at doing PSK31 from Dry Tortugas NP.  I searched extensively, but never found any record of a PSK activation. It has been activated CW and SSB.  There were several during the ARRL NPOTA.  

It's a tough one.  If you don't have your own ocean capable boat, you are limited to a commercial seaplane transit (currently $361 per person for half day - 2 1/2 hours on the island; $634 full day - 6 1/2 hours on island) or a daily commercial ferry trip (currently $190 per person - about 5 hours on the island).  There are no facilities on the island.  No electricity, no cell service, no wifi.  You have to take it all with you - including drinking water!

Maybe if I had been 10 years younger back then......   
Rick - N7WE
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