Re: Grid El84, Dry Tortugas

Bill Williams

When we visited the island a group of divers were spending the night so they had a lot of gear.  They had it piled in the front of the cabin but when we got to the dock they had three folding luggage carriers and loaded most of the stuff on them.  There was at least one non-diver in the group, maybe more.  One guy ended up carrying his tanks but the carriers they had sure reduced the load on the rest, mostly small personal type bag and a sleeping bag each.  I did wonder where they were going to camp and how the small wheels on the carriers would cope with sand if they had much to go through.  They were still loading and mulling around when we went inside and I never saw them again.

I just checked the WARC channels and see no PSK activity on any of them here in West Central Florida.  20M has a few traces but I did not pause there.


On Sun, Jan 10, 2021 at 10:59 AM Richard Rohrer <kc3ef@...> wrote:
Hi Karl,

I am aware of POTA and have already done a couple of activations.  I will find out who did the activation and ask them what they took with them and how they managed it. 

I would like to run higher power, but I can seem to get the xyl interested in carrying the 105AH deep cycle battery, hi hi.  We will have to carry everything for the day, so I am looking at keeping it as light as possible. 

I will let the group know when and if this is going to happen.

Dick - KC3EF

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