Re: 7300

Bob Motyl KK6KMU

Mike N6STA,
Great Idea .  Lots of useful tips on Youtube.  I don't own a 7300 but have been looking a them for some time.  I have a IC-7200 and struggled to get everything working the way I wanted.  Hints:  Load the Icom USB driver before you plug the USB cable into the computer.  Know which version of Windows you have, 64 or 32 bit.  Check the versions of firmware that on your rig to see if you need to update.  It might have the latest versions.  Plug your USB cable into the main USB hub on your computer, most likely the one on your computer motherboard.  I struggled two days trying to FLDIGI to work.  I read a post and moved my USB cable from the front of my computer to the back where the motherboard USB connector is located and everything worked fine.  Consider using a more user friendly rig control software.  A few have great visual interfaces and allow you to control many rig functions, volume, RF gain, filters, band selections and more.  A few allow you to store frequency, filter settings and mode for all your favorites.  Enjoy your new rig. Congrats.


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