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Martin Tuip

ITs an older DX-SR8 and it has been in my garage for 2 years or so.  I will swap the FT450 that I have on my desk and put that in my garage.  I think I might sell the Alinco for 300 or so as its a good starter radio for someone.

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My rebate said it expires 12/31/20, but has a 45 day grace period.

BTW, which Alinco ?  Had a SR-8T I sold on Greedbay for $425 and was never out of box;  had it listed higher but no nibbles.  Some deadbeat offered me $350, but told him to walk.

Jerry n9avy

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There is still a 100 dollar rebate on a 7300.  I bought one Tuesday.  Will sell off a few radios to offset the cost a bit (got an Alinco and a 817 laying around that I'm not doing anything with)
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OK - I put in my order.  Should be here by Sunday. 

Thanks again Malcolm. 😊👍
73 - Mike N6STA 1516

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