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Paul Butzi (W7PFB)

The radios I have used for psk31 (and other digital mode HF stuff) are:
* Tentec Eagle 
* Elecraft KX3 with PX3 panadapter and KXPA-100 linear amp
* Icom IC-7300

The Eagle is a really great radio and I liked it a lot.  The lack of flat response across the audio spectrum and the way the filter controls worked drove me a little bit crazy.

The KX3 is a delight to use but the entire setup along with a SignaLink USB is a huge rat’s nest of cables, and I had to make fan arrangements to cool the amp when doing prolonged sessions of digital mode stuff.  My feeling was that the selectivity of the KX3 was better than that of the Eagle, but not by a whole lot.  I do not do much CW but the KX3 is just a great rig for that, the filtering controls and everything else is just wonderful.

I bought the IC7300 because I deserved it (:-)) and because the internal sound card meant no cable mess and I wanted to set up a home station and free up the KX3 for portable stuff.  Running PSK the measured IMD is not as good as the kx3 but it is very close.  I do not much care for the filter controls but that’s a personal preference thing, and I am coming around a bit on this issue as time passes and I run the radio more.  And I don’t think the receiver selectivity and rejection of strong signals just outside the band pass is as good as the KX3, but since I don’t do heavy contesting, that’s not much of an issue for me.

If I do more car portable PSK outings I will be taking the IC7300, because it doesn’t have cooling issues and because the single cable for both audio and rig control is just a lot less stuff to hook up than the KX3/PX3/KXPA100 combo and its horror show of cable madness.

To my thinking the IC-7300 is not a perfect radio but it’s surprisingly close and is awfully good at the current price.  But before you jump you might want to check out the new Yaesu FTDX10 or whatever it is.  The superhet front end and DSP behind roofing filters architecture has some real advantages and I’m eager to see how that radio shakes out.

-p W7PFB
73, Don’t forget to smile and have fun!

On Jan 6, 2021, at 3:13 PM, Mike N6STA <mike.rosmore@...> wrote:

This IC 7300 thread motivated me to take a look at this rig.  I just finished watching a 25 minute walk through of its features on YouTube. 24 of those minutes were spent with me going Wow every few seconds.  Wow.  What a lot of features and what a nice user interface.  Now the question is - don't I 'need' a new radio? Feel free to encourage me.
73 - Mike N6STA  070-1516 LONP-236

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