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malcolm heard

Mike N6STA,  

I have a 7300.  You don't need a new radio, but you do want it. If you are getting a stimulus check you will be over half way there. 

I like mine and with  compromised antennas I often get good comments on audio quality.  


On Wed, Jan 6, 2021 at 5:13 PM Mike N6STA <mike.rosmore@...> wrote:
This IC 7300 thread motivated me to take a look at this rig.  I just finished watching a 25 minute walk through of its features on YouTube. 24 of those minutes were spent with me going Wow every few seconds.  Wow.  What a lot of features and what a nice user interface.  Now the question is - don't I 'need' a new radio? Feel free to encourage me.
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