Re: LoTW vs. Eqsl

Jerry N9AVY


To each his own.  Am sure many hams around the world appreciate your efforts.  I used to be very lax about sending out confirmations by card, LoTW and Eqsl; somewhere in early 2000 I became aware of the fact that there were others out there expecting QSLs so I took up the cause.  Also 16 years of working for the ARRL Incoming QSL Bureau made me appreciate QSLing more.

The bureau cards dwindled off sometime around 2010 and I retired a few years later. I processed thousands of cards and had fun doing it. 

Nowadays I mostly QSL via LoTW, Eqsl and those few rare bureau cards.  Of course, I was chasing DXCC (confirmed) and made it to 337 DXCC with the last 3 looking to slim if ever.

All my QSL cards received over the years are in shoe boxes on closet shelf. Spent a lot of $$$ on QSLing over the years. At one time I figured sending for cards overseas was around $5 per card with return postage , if they ever came back. 

Now I mostly have fun just working stations.

73, Jerry  n9avy

On Wednesday, January 6, 2021, 10:24:35 AM CST, Don - KM4UDX <dontay155@...> wrote:

When the level of guilt exceeds the amount of inertia, my laziness get put on the back seat and with much moaning and groaning I post my log updates.  First LoTW, then eQSL then QRZ.

With zero interest in "confirmed QSOs" in any platform, my motivation is 100% purely civic. Other hams appreciate my updates.  So I do it all for you. 
Don, km4udx

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