Re: 7300

Peter, NN9K #2629

Jerry finally getting around to reading the messages in this group and thought I'd share my thoughts about the 7300.
--I'm basically a CW operator, PSK mainly on 30-meters or PODXS contests.
--Basically the 7300 is a good solid radio but the one thing that drove me crazy from the first time I transmitted was the fan noise.  Changed it out for a fan that still provided the correct amount of cooling but was much quieter. The 7300 forum has all the details and is a good resource.
--Since I am a CW operator I changed screen on the radio to get rid of the waterfall. Old habits I guess, FLDigi waterfall is fine but not on my radio!
--Tried Full Break-in operation and was appalled, the relay noise was much, much too loud but that won't be a problem for you on PSK.
--I'd be willing to bet you will install a good wattmeter in-line since the multi-function knob is useless for setting a power output. 50% does not mean 50 watts!

So with all of those complaints will I use the radio? Yes for when our small club can travel again and contest in QSO Parties. In the mean time my main radio is an Icom 7610. An ELecraft KX3 is used for my QRP operations from home and my portable QRP Sprint operations. In the mean time I have loaned the 7300 to a friend that needs a better radio than his Icom 718.

Remember in the beginning I said I was a CW op so some of my complaints about the radio won't affect you. I am sure you will have fun with it on PSK!

Incidentally we got enough sun to day to melt the ice on top of my tower so the rotor will now turn. HF2F stood straight and tall throughout and I end-fed still worked pretty. Never was worried about the Yagi elements, the Mosley Classic is a pretty well-built and strong antenna.
Take care Jerry and have fun!

Peter, NN9K

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