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Milt:  Not willing to move to CA and the earthquakes, mudslides, smog, forest fires, my ex-girlfriend, and other weirdos. Heh-heh.

As a ham friend said many years ago, "living in Illinois with the Winters is like beating your head against a wall... it feels good when it stops !".  Ice storms here a very infrequent and usually have remaining effects for a day or so. This is longest I've seen. Winters have been milder for some time. Can still remember the "Storm of '67" when Chicago area was socked with 3 feet of snow; everything stopped. Didn't get to work for 3 days. 

Some of the ice is start to melt off, but not all .  Temp still in low 30's.  

Been familiarizing myself with 7300.  A bit of a learning curve with the menus. Need to get it hooked up for PSK, but that may take some time. Still on the FT-1000MP with yagi.  Biggest problems has been finding coax switch and cables since things got moved around here when I shipped off Amp for repair a couple years ago.  Only need 3 of the top 4 most wanted DXCCs now and not much hope of them showing up soon.


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Jerry...still got ice?
I get "Emergency Wx. Bulletins" from some .org agency here in town.
It's a very serious and ominous condition right now out here with our weather!
The Temp is 70F, with bright sunshine...that's the usual boring January weather.
However, the bad news? 
High Surf Advisory issued January 05 at 12:​52​PM PST until January 09 at 6:​00​PM PST by NWS Oxnard
You keep the ice...and cold...and salt on the roads...I'll take the surf...
Milt., N6MG

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Yagi seems to be receiving well, but with icing and elements drooping I really don't want to chance turning it and losing an element.


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Wait, aren't your antennas down?
On 1/5/2021 8:35 AM, Jerry N9AVY wrote:
KA1BSZ/VT is on 1407140 or thereabouts at 1434 UTC calling CQ.

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