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David, K9DWR

On Jan 2, 2021, at 20:36, Josef 'Jeff' Sipek <> wrote:

There are too many places people hide it in fields
strewn across the record that are non-standard because of how various
loggers work. I wouldn’t get too hung up on a “missing” RST for a single
contact. I can make the code more stringent, but you getting one extra
QSO is a small price to pay for the avalanche of other ones that wouldn’t
be counted as a result.
I'm totally onboard with being lenient with what is accepted, however your
"no good way" comment makes me wonder... how is the official score
determined? I hope it is automatic and not manual. If it is automatic,
couldn't the same logic be used in the uploader?

Regardless, thanks for working on this. I thought I'd point it out in case
it was an actual bug.
What you are seeing is automated. The same logic used for scoring is used by the uploader. All it does is call the same program used for the scoring and displays the individual score at upload time for faster display instead of having to wait for it. Scoring is not manual; what the code reports is what gets scored. Whether the specifics are deficient or not, everyone gets the same scoring. The “spirit of the event” is to promote contacts, not get hung up on a missing RST. The _Important_ elements of the exchange (i.e., the elements that influence multiples for scores) are DXCC and State/Province.

David, K9DWR
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