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B. Smith, N3XL


PODXS1RTTY ought to do it. Set up for Digital Mode. You will need your N1MM Digital interface set up for FLDIGI. BTW, the FLDIGI interface in N1MM is also very good for RTTY contests.


73, Bill N3XL


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Subject: [070Club] January 3 PSKFest


Can anyone help Dennis on this?



Jim K5SP 

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Date: Jan 1, 2021 10:12 AM
Subject: January 3 PSKFest
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N1MM does not appear to have a contest set up for the PSKFest on January 3rd.


Does someone have a contest file for N1MM?  I am new to HAM Radio and have never used N1MM so I am struggling to set it up for the contest.


73, Dennis Baker NR9H


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