Re: 30 meters anyone?

Jerry N9AVY

The Checker has been having a "nervous breakdown" since March 2020.

Upload once and forget about it.  It will take 15 minutes for it to update data, I believe.

Please follow instructions and DO NOT upload a second time.  Be patient. Some it will get fixed.

Jerry n9avy
Awards & Endorsement Director 

On Wednesday, December 30, 2020, 05:39:28 PM CST, John Hendry KG5OIB <archer@...> wrote:

Thanks!  I got my four contacts, and loaded my logs to the checker....  but then I forgot that the checker has some issues, so I still show 26 contacts.   Ooops.

And then I went back to double check my log... and it shows 25.   Not sure how that happened.   So yeah, I think I will also try again tomorrow.  

73  John

     de  KG5OIB

     John Hendry

     Decatur, Wise County, Texas

     LOC:  EM13eg


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