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Barry VA7GEM

On Sun, Dec 27, 2020 at 05:44 PM, Eric KG6MZS wrote:


From what I have seen those reports are generated by programs like DM-780.  They fail to discriminate between empty rails and whatever else they may be receiving at any given time, so I think they are pretty meaningless.  For instance: right now I have DM-780 on 20m and when I put the cursor on the background with no signals, DM-780 reports -30db IMD and a 32db s/n.  Those would be good numbers on an actual signal, but utterly meaningless on background noise.


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On 12/27/20 11:10 AM, Jerry N9AVY wrote:
I see stations giving out S/N  and IMD reports.  Tend to ignore them, but have always wondered if they really have any value or are just filler.   
If a station can make contact with me that's usually good enough for me.  If someone gets a 599 report from me, it's because the 599 is given to everyone and I seldom deviate from that. (No one gets offended that way, ha-ha !)
Jerry   n9avy
Jerry and Eric
The next time someone gives you an IMD auto report gently
ask them to explain what it means and over time wind them up,
explaining any good ham should know exactly what his signal report comprises of.
I once asked a fellow what I might be able to adjust to get my IMD from -32 to a much
better report of -1 or zero.
HNY de Barry

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