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Jerry N9AVY


Understand what you're saying and I agree.  Have had 2 stations in FL call me at same time and one knocked the other out. Very familiar with one-way propagation and the "magic" circle where someone can be not heard at certain distances. On 10 meters years ago I was surprised pleasantly when traveled to MN (about 350 miles) and heard stations I could never hear before ! That was 10 meters, but it may be different on other bands. Propagation is sometimes weird.

Someone stated a while ago that everyone should stay in middle of (PSK) band and I think that may have caused problems with many stations being crowded into a small portion. When I call "CQ" I always seem to have better luck when I go up to 14.072 or higher... sometimes even down below 14.070. Made a lot of Q's that way.

Many thanks for Dec. 25 QSO !!!

73,   Jerry

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Jerry, that's too easy to answer. 
They simply don't spread out because they don't see each other.
How many times do you only copy 1/2 of a qso?
How many times do you call cq, only to have a station on that frequency, or very close start xmitting because they were already in a qso that you had no copy on?
It's a very narrow band width signal, and if they're not interfering with each other, does it matter?
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Often copy signals all bunched together like a DX pileup.  Never understand why ops don't spread out a bit....

Jerry, n9avy

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Now that's interesting.  I didn't know that, but it makes sense.  Thanks Stephen.  Learn something new every day.
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- If there is another signal right next to the signal you are copying (like 50 Hz away), your software will measure its power and attribute that to IMD.

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