Re: Serious question


One of my favorite subjects.  An RSQ is an arbitrary number that the op makes up.  Some give a meaningful RSQ but most give the 599.  S/N and IMD are real numbers that your software generates and tells all about the signal.  The IMD without the S/N is useless because if the S/N is 15 dB and the IMD is -15 dB, that is a great  signal, however if the S/N were 30 dB and the IMD was -15 dB, that is being over driven and probably is 2 or 3 hundred Hz wide.  The closer the IMD is to the negative value of the S/N, the cleaner the signal because all the harmonics are suppressed.  Unfortunately the software has a tough time getting the IMD right as you can tell as the IMD figure usually jumps around.

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